Zendesk Review | Why Zendesk Competitors Are Terrified

Zendesk Review

Why Are Zendesk Competitors So Scared?

Anyone looking for a Zendesk review or a guide to some of the Zendesk competitors should consider what they need from a cloud-based customer service portal.

Any Zendesk alternative will offer similar pricing, services, features and support, so the deciding factor is going to be your perception of the service. In other words, most people will end up going with the brand they like the best or the one with the best marketing, ratings and word of mouth.

Customer Service Portal and Zendesk Review

Some Zendesk competitors include Desk, Freshdesk, Zoho, Happy Fox, TeamSupport and ManageEngine ServicePlus. Being the first major player in the industry, Zendesk the longest track record, the most positive reviews and the most comprehensive plans and pricing. You may read a Zendesk review or a comparison with a Zendesk alternative that portrays them as more expensive than the competition, but the truth is that all of these companies charge what the market dictates for the services they offer.

For example, Zendesk offers a starter plan that costs $1 a month for each operator, and the main Zendesk alternative, Freshdesk, offers a similar plan that costs $0 a month per operator.

When you factor in the services you receive with each company, the pricing is essentially the same. Both services offer email and phone support, as well as a customer knowledge base. The fact that Zendesk charges $1 a month instead of $0 is likely a temporary pricing difference as it offers a free trial package as well.

A Closer Look at Pricing and Features

The more comprehensive packages, such as Zendesk’s Plus plan and Freshdesk’s Estate plan, offer completely different services and pricing, making them impossible to compare. The large number of Zendesk competitors no doubt react to pricing changes on their competitor’s website and create their own plans in response. Therefore, you could say that the industry leader influences the entire market for customer support portals, and any Zendesk alternative is basically picking up the business leftover from catchy ad campaigns.

The only one of the Zendesk competitors with a comparable marketing budget is Freshdesk, and you see their ads whenever you search for any information about customer service portals. For example, if you search Google for “Zendesk Review,” you will see several Freshdesk ads and maybe some of their articles ranking on the first page of results. If you click on their ads or articles, you can read what they have to say about pricing and comparisons, but the information you’ll find is not totally accurate.

The Market Leader

There’s simply no way for them to compete with a brand that essentially defined the market for cloud-based customer support software. They’re forced to rely on SEO to rank for search terms related to their number one competitor.

The truth is that Freshdesk, Desk and the other cloud portals probably offer excellent services and customer support. Smaller companies, freelancers and sole proprietors should consider giving them a chance, if the pricing happens to be better at the time.

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