The First HighRise CRM Review That will Tell You This …

First HighRise CRM Review

Rising Above the Crowd

Those individuals who absolutely love integrating Excel at every turn will be very excited to know that the Highrise CRM reviews are in, and the news for them is good. Of course, this particular Highrise CRM review will cover many aspects of the software beyond its ability to import contacts from Excel.

Keep reading in order to find out everything related to High Rise CRM software, ranging from the price for buyers to the feedback from current users. The basic features of this software are very attractive. Among the most desirable is the ability to use mass delete functions for whole batches of contacts that have been imported. This small feature of the High Rise CRM software is just the beginning of its impressive, basic features.

Every Highrise CRM review out there praises the software for its ability to work with a “dropbox” feature. It allows you to copy your email address associated with the software to contacts blindly or manually. The software automatically copies the address to multiple, corresponding contacts with very little effort. Convenience is one major point that people make when considering the strengths of this software in a Highrise CRM review.

Although the software does not integrate with existing email applications using a direct means, the other upgrades to prior versions of the software have made the vast number of Highrise CRM reviews positive in almost every respect.

High Rise CRM software allows users to make cosmetic changes to the interface offered by the developers. While the customization abilities for users may be somewhat limited, the software itself is highly accessible. Users can count on unlimited access to their data through Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

The dynamic pricing for the software is also a major benefit that comes under consideration where any Highrise CRM reviews are concerned. There are five license plans that are available to buyers, each being completely inclusive.


The dynamic pricing offers users accessibility with no monthly fee. This free plan allows for two users and software that can accommodate up to 250 contacts. However, the free plans are limited due to the fact that they fail to offer file storage.

One minor flaw that must be mentioned in this Highrise CRM review is that users must also deal with ads when using the free plan as well.

The offers are much better as you move up the ladder for subscriptions. The Solo subscription gives users 5 GB of storage and 20,000 contacts for under $30 per month. The Plus plan can accommodate up to 15 users, giving them access to 15 GB of storage with the ability to handle unlimited contacts. The additional $49 per month also buys added security for the account. The most advanced plan for this software is known as the Premium package.

Under this subscription, users can have 30,000 contacts, 30 GB of storage, and the ability to incorporate up to 40 different users. When this software is compared to similar applications that have been developed by competing companies in Highrise CRM reviews, it stands out as a very basic and straightforward technology.

This characteristic makes it accessible for the most novice of users while taking advantage of intuitive tools. However, the simplicity of the design does not cause High rise CRM to lose any ground when it comes to its basic abilities.

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