Netsuite Competitors Analysis – How Much Does Netsuite Cost.. Really?

Netsuite Competitors Analysis

Netsuite Competitors Analysis – How Much Does Netsuite Cost.. Really?

If you’re wondering how much does NetSuite cost, the best way to find out is to tally up your business’s needs for the month and then contact a NetSuite representative to request subscription rates. NetSuite pricing starts at $499 per month for the basic plan, which is good for sole proprietorships, freelancers, start-ups and small businesses and includes all the cloud I.T. services you need to deploy services to your customers.

Benefits of Using NetSuite

You can access the suite of cloud apps from Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Linux, and the service basically allows you to do away with your current I.T. infrastructure. When you subscribe to NetSuite or NetSuite competitors, all your business I.T. needs are handled in the cloud by app vendors so that you never have to worry about installing software or troubleshooting hardware issues again.

You may still be asking “How much does NetSuite cost?” It’s not expensive when you compare it to the time spent handling your I.T. needs internally and the opportunity costs associated with it. Instead of spending 30 hours upgrading Windows on all your PCs, you can just let your employees use their own devices and log into NetSuite from a browser. NetSuite pricing is almost a negligible factor when all other costs have been calculated.

NetSuite Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Software as a service from NetSuite and NetSuite competitors is especially useful for fast-growing small to mid-sized businesses that need to forget about doing their own I.T. work internally. To answer the question, “How much does NetSuite cost?”, you have to figure out how much you could be earning by outsourcing your PC maintenance, software upgrades, network security and other I.T. needs. At some point, it becomes too much of a burden to take care of all these tasks while providing support for your customers.

Some NetSuite competitors offer similar services, and they have been in the business for many years, as well. However, NetSuite is the largest cloud management solution and serves more than 20,000 businesses worldwide. When it comes to alternatives, you can try PHC FX ($50/mo), OfficeBooks ($19/mo), Brightpearl ($109/mo), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (price varies), Orderhive ($90/mo), Sellsy Purchases and Expenses ($30.90/mo), 3PL Warehouse Manager ($500/mo) or Veeqo ($40/mo), just to name a few. Out of these NetSuite competitors, 3PL Warehouse manager is probably the most similar in price and features, and the other solutions offer varying levels of service at different rates.

Putting NetSuite to Work for Your Business

If you’re still wondering how much does NetSuite cost, you will have to do a little research yourself into the specific services your business needs from month to month. However, bear in mind that you get not only cloud-based apps and services but also the ongoing support and consulting included with the NetSuite pricing. You’ll be protected in case anything happens to your office equipment, such as a natural disaster or equipment malfunction. In general, most people will want to go with NetSuite, but you should do your due diligence before deciding.

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