5 Great Tips On How To Use Google Voice For Business In 2015

Google Voice

5 Great Tips On How To Use Google Voice For Business In 2015


Google voice is a telecommunication service introduced by Google in 2009. It is widely used by individuals and businesses alike. The Google voice for small business allows a user to select a phone numbers based on his or her area code, free of charge. Additional phone numbers can be configured to receive calls from the Google voice phone number.

An existing mobile or landline is required to receive incoming calls. Outbound calls may be placed to domestic or international phones via a mobile or web based app. Domestic calls are free and international calls are paid. If you are wondering how to use Google voice for business, then the following tips will help you get started.

Improved Productivity for Businesses

Use Google voice for small business to keep all your voice mail and text messages in one place. You can use the address book in Gmail to call anyone via Google voice. Forward your voice mails and text messages to your email account

Convert all the voice mails and text messages as “emails” and archive it in your email account. Google voice for small business converts your phone messages into text.

Make Cheaper Calls to International Destinations

While considering how to use Google voice for business, most people consider the cost of making international calls.

The cost of making calls to international numbers is much lower with Google voice for small business. Google offers the ability to make calls by either dialing the Google voice number or by directly dialing the international number from the Google voice mobile app.

Use Google voice as an Answering Service

Many businesses use Google voice as an answering service. This helps to address any potential missed calls. Tracking missed calls and then calling back the customer is critical for a businesses such as insurance agents and mortgage brokers. The voice mails received from new customers can be converted to an email and sent to customer service groups quickly.

Google Voice as a Tool to Handle High Volume Calls

When answering too many phone calls becomes a challenge, the question arises on how to use Google voice for business optimally and efficiently. Typically, companies require full time staff to handle the customer inquiries.

Many of these companies use Google voice for small business to get the voice mail, translate it into text-based email and then have a small team of agents respond to these emails. One or two agents can respond to these emails originated from potential customers.

SMS and CRM Integration

You can integrate between Google voice’s text messages and your company’s customer relations management (CRM) system. Your CRM stores data about prospective customers and their contacts.

You can use an existing contact to send a text message via Google voice to the customers with reminders, follow-ups and more. Most people are much more comfortable with getting a text message about an important reminder. After determining how to use Google voice for business, companies start using Google voice for business to accomplish many tasks straight from their CRM application.


There are many ways Google voice for business has changed how small businesses use customer communications. Google voice for business is an innovative and exceptionally feature-rich service from Google. It comes with all kinds of call management services offered by traditional phone companies and much more such as voice mail to email conversion and customized greetings. Most small businesses can cut costs by switching to Google voice for business.

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